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Shipping World Wide, Authentic, Unique and Original Patented Bar Products Since 1998
Currently is leading the Bar Supply industry in creative bar supplies and bar products. We are the original inventors of most of the cool bar supplies you see on the internet. We have been in business since 1991, we are based in Florida and ship all over the world. Coolbarstuffdotcom has very unique, cool custom drinkware, Lighted Glow Trays, Jell-O Injectors and a Bartenders dream for fascinating new designs and powder coatings-airbrushing for their tools! We know that the will be better than ever with a new focus and pride put back in quality American made Products not cheap chincy China and India based metals.
We are the original bar product company that invented the first hands free bottle opener in 1992 and many other cool items you now see everywhere while you work drink and play. It is often seen but not herd.. Bar Supplies have always been our specialty and creative craft. Bartenders and Servers across the globe know us by name and love our creations.
Bar and NightClubs, Managers and Owners order our Bar Products from all around the World. Weship our Bar Supply line to multiple countries, insured via FedEx, USPS & UPS. Our BottleOpeners, Cantina's, Mambas, Speed Openers, Poppers are the best in theRestaurant and BAR-Business. Flair Bartender's need not look very far for our Cool Flair Bottles, DVD's Weighted Tins and Powder Coated Shakers are close by. Glow sticks and Neon Lighted ServingTrays are also one our of authentic designs. Security Tyvek & Plastic Armbands are the best overall priced in the industry. We now also manufacture custom plastic blow mold cups, yards, shooters, test tubes and lots of promotional P.O.S. Our old original retractable lighter leashes and lite leash has taken the country by storm. We offer retail displays and distributor pricing. Free Bar Supplies and Free shipping isour newest game as we also have the best Flair Videos, Tequila Liquor Bottle holders, Leather Shooter Belts andvery nice t-shirts and baby doll shirts for bartender-s and servers. Jello Injectors Our Bar Supply Line is unique, cut rate and now our online-store is more tightly secure than a NY airport. So have fun, order what you like, we have no minim's and we ship anywhere you are even if we have to camel back it to you. Others have copied our products, infringed upon our patents however no one sleeps better at night than us, knowing that we are the distinctive inventors and original concept leaders, not to mention bartenders around the world know the truth while others are only shown a facade. Remember that Cantina-Bar-Supplies are always guaranteed for life. If you want to send it back even after your have used the hell out of it and you are nice we will be honored to replace it, refund it or send you something else.
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